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ANGELA HUTCHINSON RMT                                                                    JILL DUNCAN RMT                                                       

Massage therapy- 30min,45min,60min,90min                                              Massage Therapy- 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min,         

Thai Foot Reflexology- 60 min                                                                      Hot Stone Massage- 75 minutes                                   

Hot stone massage-75 min                                                                           Basic Foot Care- 30 minutes                                         

Lymphatic Drainage- 60min                                                                          Pedicure- 90 minutes                                                    

Active Pureness Facial- 75 min                                                                    Spa Pedicure- 120 minutes                                            

Beauti Control Facial- 75 min                                                                       Raindrop Therapy- 45 minutes                                  

Comfort Zone body scub, Comfort Zone wrap, or Mud - 90 min                                                                                          

Reiki- 60 min

Teeth whitening- 30 min

Comfort Zone Ultimate- 150 min


KELSEY DUNCAN NAIL/Waxing TECH                                                      LLINOS DESCHAMBAULT REFLEXOLOGIST

Gel nails   120 min                                                                                               Reflexology - 60 min

Gel fill    90 min                                                                                                    Pro Sleep Massage - 60 min

Basic Manicure 50  min                                                                                       HydraMemory Facial - 60 min

Spa Manicure 70 min                                                                                           Sublime Skin Double Peel - 45 min

Basic Foot Care 30 min

Basic Pedicure 60 min                                                                                         MEGAN SHIPP HEALTHY EATING AND WEIGHT LOSS COACH

Spa Pedicure 90 min

Body Waxing Varies

Facials 60 min

Body Scrubs/Wrap 60 min

Teeth Whitening 30 min

Nuface Facial  60 min

Nuface Facial  80 min




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