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Rocanville Remedial Massage Therapies

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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coaching

The goal of Wellness coaching is to educate you, and support your unique lifestyle needs so you can make life long changes to your health and live better. These sessions offer NO magic pill, No special supplements and NO BS. Science based strategies for weight loss. You can lose weight while living in rural Saskatchewan, and I can help you.

‚Äč          Megan Shipp - Certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer

Offering Caloric Needs Assessment, Meal Planning, Education, Individual Support, Habit Changing, Custom Plans, Healthy Eating Guide, Weight loss tools and techniques

$75  Power Session

Maybe you are not happy about your health and nutrition and you don’t know where to start.


You have been making positive changes in your life and want more support/ advice to keep going or to discuss what to do next.

In this 45min session we will talk about where you are and where you want to go next with your health, nutrition and wellness.

At the end of this session you will feel confident, excited and ready to take the next step in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

This session can be used to:

·         Start your weight loss journey.

·         Use as a jumping in session before committing to a 4 week or 12 week package.

·         Be a follow up coaching time to re-main focused on your goals and grow your Knowledge, after completing a package program.

·         Spend time with your partner to incorporate them into your wellness goals and lifestyle or to talk about strategies for your family’s nutrition.

·         As a time to ask questions about what it takes to create lasting weight loss.



$300 One month (4 sessions)

This package includes:

·         1-60min session. During this time, we will discuss your current health, what your goals are and your current lifestyle habits (work, home, play). We will look at what aspects are already great and assess the best way to support your unique individual needs.

·         3 – 45min Follow up weekly sessions. In these sessions, we will develop an easy to follow realistic meal plan based on your preferences and life style. We will celebrate your success and I will continue to educate and coach you in your healthy eating and weight loss goals. During this time, we will dive deeper into accomplishing your goals and developing a plan that will work for you. I will asses your caloric needs for now and your goal weight, you will learn the facts of weight loss and get rid of the contradicting information in your mind.

·         Unlimited email access to me throughout the week.